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Jul 13, 2011 5:00pm PDT
the decision and issued a statement saying it believes employees acted professionally. >>> in india, authorities are trying to determine who launched three bomb attacked that killed 21 people today. the bombing happened in mumbai. it is the worst terrorist attack since the 2008 seize that left 160 people dead. no americans were hurt. secretary of state hillary clinton condemned the acts of violence. >> our hearts are with the victims and the families and we reached out toathe government to express our condolence. >> secretary of state hillary clinton said he will visit indian next week. >>> the attacks comes as congress congress investigate security gaps at u.s. airports. authorities admitted the are actually 7 security breaches every day at airports across the country. that adds up to 25,000 breaches since the september 11 attacks. also a new report show as lot of bomb detection equipment doesn't meet the latest standards. airports would be safer using bomb sniffing dogs dogs instead. officials are skeptical and concerned about the costs. >> fully equipped dog team with trainer, tr
Jul 18, 2011 5:00pm PDT
. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton arrive -- secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in india today. it comes a week after deadly bombing in mumbai. he is on the third lecof a 12 day tour. she has been to turkey and greece. >>> if you are thinking about buying car, especially a small car, you may want to wait. plus medical marijuana workers are sending a message today. >>> plus who may be a safer driver when it comes to kids, parents or grandparents. the answer just might surprise you. >>> researchers at new york university says teens exposed to smoke are at a greater rate of hearing loss. scientists say the amount of hearing loss went up long with the level of chemicals from cigarettes. >>> turning to developing news. the board of director for clorox is turning down a bid to buy the company. he offered $10.2 billion, paying 76 dollars and 50 per share but the ceo says his offer undervalues the company and is not credible or adequate. they are working on a measure to wart off another bid. >>> nelson mandela supporters rallied today outside the san francisco federal building. the ral
Jul 10, 2011 5:00pm PDT
. >>> in north india a packed train derailed. are you looking at video of survivors trying to escape. it was going to the mountains when 12 coaches and the engine jumped the tracks. at least 31 were killed and more than a hundred hurt. a second train derailed hours later in the northern part of the country and about a hundred. >>> and a breakthrough in china where two coal miners above ground a week after being trapped. the miners were found in a ventilation shaft. the rescued miners are in the hospital being monitored. 16 others are still missing from the july 2nd collapse. >> the final witness took the stand today in the civil trial against the government of israel for the death of an american activist. rachel corey was run over by a bulldozer along the gaza border. the 23-year-old was protesting israel's policy of demolishing homes belonging to palestine fighters. a retired colonel said the bulldozer driver couldn't see her because she was behind a pile of rubble. her parents brought the suit. >>> news of the world printed its last paper. a headline of thank you and good-bye gre
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3